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New Mamiffer from the split with House of Low Culture

Pianos Become The Teeth - Such Confidence

"I wish I could find a god’s teeth to grit them for him
I’d cut off his ears, put them to my heart, he’d hear me break,
I’d make it obvious to see,
show him a face like water frozen over,
a face that’s absorbed everything,
show him it was the wrong day,
show him that I’ve seen my reach,
explain to me,
just sit down, let it be, if only today, if only for me..”

I remember the day this came out, I was amazing that they’d made another full length of hits. One of my top five most listened to, so I’m happy the vinyl came in the mail today, three years after release. Also, the intro to Spine

Mr. Bungle - Pink Cigarette

I found a pink cigarette
On the bed the day that you left
And how can I forget that your lips were there
Your kiss goes everywhere
Touches everything but me

Tomahawk’s “Mescal Rite 1”

Mike Patton on vocals

Maya shadows


me & the devil walking side by side


me & the devil walking side by side


Dear Listeners,

Our moving truck got stolen around 4:17 am this morning, along with all my studio equipment, backup drives, instruments (even a 900 pound piano!) and all of our lifelong possession. We lost EVERYTHING.

Video of robbery in progress:

We are asking…



American Football

I don’t know if this is the same track they played on that TV appearance but ACxDC’s new stuff is killer

'And it's a battered old suitcase to a hotel someplace,
And a wound that will never heal.
No prima donna, the perfume is on an
old shirt that is stained with blood and whiskey.
And goodnight to the street sweepers, the night watchmen flame keepers
And goodnight to mathilda, too.’

- Tom Waits, “Tom Traubert’s Blues”