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You haven’t heard bass like Deconstruct by Hatred Surge has bass.
Featuring members of Trap Them and Mammoth Grinder

Oren Ambarchi with Richard Pinhas, founder of prog band Heldon

Oren Ambarchi is almost post-noise status, his latest albums have been so fucking weird compared to his mellow, ambient past. It’s like he began just past conventional music about 15 years ago and did a full circle and returned. After numerous drone and ambient albums (some of the best, “Grapes From The Estate" for example), he made an acoustic album including some vocals, then recently released "Stacte Karaoke", which is two lengthy tracks of him laying some shred-y drone on top of looping blues riffs (with a rhythm section now, of course). There’s even some video of Oren playing drums live as Tikkun at l’Eplace B in Paris. To one of the best…

Pianos Become The Teeth - Repine

Nothing more welcome than new PBTT. No more screaming or yelling but they’ve always had a strong emphasis on the melody in the vocals, so singing fits well. Sounds really solid.

Croatian Amor & Lust For Youth - Pomegranate

//Burning tunes from Croatian Amor, A.K.A. Loke Rahbek of Posh Isolation (record label) & Lust For Youth

Got the fourth to the last splatter vinyl of Botanists “VI: Flora” 200 copy run.
Some powerful, black metal-inspired noisiness performed on hammered dulcimer. Interesting design and sound.

"This man, with a cross and a little perspex card, he said that I’m an abomination, an outrage against God. Oh Father, your old dog’s been snarling. His breath stinks. He’s looking reigned in, tied to that leash before his yellow teeth find flesh."

Sad Stuart Lee’s Jacob’s Stories didn’t go further, it was good music.

I’ll admit that it’s not often that a piece of field recording comes out that is noteworthy enough to post around and go back to, but I really, really like Atilio Doreste’s new work. Clicks and pops in different natural settings, a new performance in a new place.

The best advice you can find on quality field recording on a budget. Edu Comelles is a really impressive artist and worker.

Code Orange - “Dreams In Intertia”

CO killing it with their new music. Hardcore is a hard scene to make it in these days (ish), but Code Orange are keeping it interesting with the new stuff. Pretty original riffing, gets very sludgy, slows way down and feels very angry and empty. They might be pushing a little hard with the “Thinners of The Herd” thing, but I guess that’s a way to grab people’s attention, invite them in. Hardcore is heavily into appearance, and the bassist of Code Orange definitely looks like a serial killer.

//Just picked up Work/Death’s “Phone About To Ring” on vinyl. Feel the burn