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Scott Walker + Sunn O))) - Lullaby
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Qualm | Passive EP

  1. Numb
  2. Force Fed
  3. Trust Issues
  4. Despicable
  5. Passive
  6. Self Loathing
  7. Hollow
  8. Stretch Marks
  9. Filth

'Hand Covers Bruise' - Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

One of my favorite soundtrack tracks of all. This movie was good, but unlike many, the soundtrack took it to the next level. It is so atmospheric and so unlike the scenery of the film, but that is the perfect fit as this film is about big things taking place in an unexpected setting. A thoughtful and moody piece.

Brain Killer s/t 7” Just picked up this album, White Guilt’s s/t, and Perfume River’s “No Wind” plexi. Head’s probably going to end up inside a concrete wall when I get them. Mailman also brought my twodeadsluts onegoodfuck albums today. Copy 91/200 on the s/t LP.

s t r a i g h t n o i s e ▪ n e v e r s t o p

Church Whip

trevor brown

trevor brown

Tom Waits - I Hope I Don’t Fall In Love With You

Xothist - self-titled demo


Black as fuck hardcore

super punk / hardcore / pv / crust from Philedelphia, PA

I remember listening through this and the Crushing Winter EP a bunch of times a few years back and loving it. Lost track and happened upon them again, now I have a much deeper appreciation for it. Wish there was more on these guys.